A very crazy RPG one, you will be going through a very interesting journey of collecting various types of heroes and adding them to your army. Find the right match that adds strength and flexibility at the same time. With Wonder Board cheats you are going to go past any possible obstacle so far.

Wonder board was created and published by “mhsoft” company and it is available to download it to any android or IOS device.

Wonder board requirements are very low; this is a simple RPG that does not focus mainly on the graphics department. It focuses mainly on the gameplay and storyline. So if you have an android device that is running the 4.0 version it will be more than enough to get it running.

Welcome to Wonder Board!

Wonder Board is a turn based battle game, so just skip it right away if you are not feeling comfortable with this style of play. And with the Wonder Board guide you are going to learn the gameplay and smart techniques to get you started as soon as possible.

Drag the hero to move it to a bright block, you can move or attack from the bright block. This is going to become your main focus to get forward and achieve something from this battle.

Move the hero so that the attack mark overlaps the enemy. Then, you can attack and unleash the powers and skills of your main hero. You need to always keep in mind your opponent strength, because you do not want to get yourself in a battle that you cannot match up with.



Dream Big Always!

After each battle you winning, there will be a reward system waiting for you to give you an advantage. There is a rating system that will decide how big is your reward. It is accumulated in four stars.

So depending on your performance, the reward will increase or decrease accordingly. And also when you complete all the training modes available, there will be some big reward waiting for you at the end to get you started.

Following our Wonder Board tips should be more than enough to get you past the training mode and also to put you on the right track of the pros.

Pros and Cons of Each Available Class.

Each one hero has a unique attack range and can attack enemies within range. And that is something we will be taking a depth talk about it on here. And do not forget how the Wonder Board Cheats Affect the gameplay.

Warrior: a very strong hero when it comes to face to face battles, or in other words the melee combats are his main profession. Thanks to his high defense and health points. But the main weakness will appear when it enters a battle against ranged heroes.

Wizard: Very strong when it comes to the AOE combats, if you are facing a big number of enemies, then this should become the ideal class. You need to always keep your distance from the opponents and also void the melee battles as much as possible.

The next two remaining classes will be covered on the upcoming segments, and remember you will reach new limits with Wonder Board hack.

Final Words.

We have the last two heroes available and we will be talking about their pros and cons as well.

Archers: they are the masters of the distant fights; you are simply dealing massive damage to the enemies whom are far away from you. They are not going to get even close to you because they will drop dead by the time.

Healers: the friend of everyone, it is a must have class in the big challenges, and it is such a pretty hero because it will keep everyone alive no matter what happens to the battle. It is called a healer for a reason though. And with Wonder Board hack, it will cast some massive healing points to the team mates.

Final conclusion, the game is pretty much good as it is light and does not require much of resoruces to get it running smoothly.

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