Wonka’s World of Candy was created and published by “Zynga” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

This game is taken from the famous chocolate factory story. The events and missions in the game are leading to the universe of chocolate. Start by matching the chocolates together and advance forward through a very interesting storyline.

There are several features of the game; it is not only based on matching candies together. We have enjoyed playing the game on the recent weeks, especially when the Wonka’s World of Candy hack came into service.

It is an ideal solution to your idle time, and it does not require many resources to get it running. Therefore, we are expecting it to run on almost any device.

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Quick Intro

For many years, Willy Wonka shared his dream with the entire world. Brining the joy and smile to their faces. The time has come to live this dream by yourself and start exploring the different parts of the game.

However, before the journey begins, you have to restore the factory. Visit the factor at the sunrise and all will be revealed. Scroll down to learn more about Wonka’s World of Candy cheats.

In your wildest dreams, you could not imagine the spectacular plans that are waiting for you in the future. Pick a name for your character to begin the journey with.

Following our set of Wonka’s World of Candy tips shall improve your chances of seeing success in no time.

It is Time for Grand Opening

The first mission begins at the doorsteps of the factory. Solve a Wonka puzzle to earn the stars that you need to pass this stage.

You can see your goal is highlighted, so you must concentrate on achieving it and skip any other side missions for now.

The Wonka’s World of Candy hack will give you extra options when you are stuck, so consider it as a reliable solution.

On the next segment, we shall illustrate to you exactly how to play the game. There are several factors and options to play around. However, this is the most vital guide.



How to Play?

Here are the right instructions that shall put you on the road to know exactly how the game is being played.

  • Swap candies to make a match
  • Make sure all candies are the same
  • They must be at least 3 candies
  • The more candies matched the higher the reward

You can track down the progress of the mission on the left side of the screen. The counter will show you how many cadies you need to match left. In addition, the remaining moves.

You can earn extra moves if you ever ran out of them, by getting Wonka’s World of Candy cheats.

Optimum Solutions

Receive great rewards at the end of each mission; depending on the difficulty levels, of course the prize will change. The game will keep on getting better and better as the time passes on.

Try to complete the missions with the lowest number of moves for the maximum reward possible. In addition, if you do not care about the rewards, then the Wonka’s World of Candy cheats can work as a great alternative.

Prepare yourself for a very hard task, as you will be rebuilding the factory right from the scratch.

In Wonka We Trust

You must trust Wonka as he has several great plans and secrets, but you have to be patient enough and have the will to dive through this journey.

The power-ups will play a critical role in the advanced missions. The Wonka’s World of Candy hack will give you a lift when it comes to the hardest parts as well.

  • Try to match more than 3 candies and you will get a special power up
  • Some power ups will destroy all the surrounding candies
  • Power ups will help you to complete the challenge in no time

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