Enjoy one of the most promising crosswords game, enjoying the freedom of forming out thousands of words in different shapes, and search for solutions by sharing the missions with your friends or use the hints, which could be obtained easily with our Word Crumble hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Word Crumble was created by “Word Crumble” company and it is available in the Android and IOS stores.


A word matching game, so you should not be expecting anything new or unique, as everything is just another copy of the similar games, but we will be also doing this review for the new players whom are seeking help or to find an optimal playing technique for further improvement in the future or the later stages of the game, so keep on reading.

The game begins by giving you a very simple menu that has what you will be using the most, but let’s begin by the 7 days login reward system, each day you will manage to login to the game in a row there will be a decent reward for you, but you have to login to the game ever 24 hours if you have stopped logging for 48 hours then the rewarding system shall be rested and back to the first day, since as you get closer to the 7 day mark the reward will keep on increasing, so you are simply missing out an opportunity.

Offered Services at The Shop.

If you are looking for an easy source of coins then visiting the shop should solve this issue for you, but actually this is not everything as you will have to pay with your credit card there in order to get these coins, meanwhile we will be offering you some alternative ways which are much cheaper and could be used for no limited number.




Customize The Game the Way You Want.

And when it comes to the game settings, then you will not find anything except enabling or disabling the game music and sounds that is it, and on the other hand you can enjoy the Facebook login feature which will offer you safety over the game data and also ease access to the leaderboard among you and your friends, which in turn shall increase the heat of the challenge up so fast. And by this point I think you are fully aware of the different types of the features inside the game, the time has come to move right into the gameplay and try to give you the necessary techniques.

How to Play?

Your main target should be always forming out a readable word from the given letters, so swipe between the different letters to build this valid word we are speaking about, and depending on the given empty blocks of letters, the word will be changing, lets explain this part for you.

Sometimes you will be given 5 letters, but you are supposed to only form a word that is consisted out of 3 letters, then be smart at this part and do what is asked from you without any extra moves.

Shuffle or Use the Hints to Overcome a Complicated Mission.

If you are stuck at some point of the game and cannot find a solution then the game is offering you two great features, the first one which is totally for free “Shuffle”. You are simply getting the right to shuffle out the letters in a hope of having better look at them and forming out a valid word would become easier, but this may not work every time you will need it, there is another stronger solution.

The hints, enable the usage of hints into your gameplay, as it will show you exactly the word that you are supposed to form with a highlighted color, but them hints are very rare and it is hard to get them, so knowing that our Word Crumble hack, cheats, tips and guide will get you any number of them is such a good news for you.



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