World of Kings was created and published by “ZLOONG” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Enjoy choosing from four races, 9 classes with 26 unique skill trees. The World of Kings cheats will help you, with exploring the various classes and reach their maximum potential on the battlefield in no time.

Get Started

At our World of Kings review, we will cover the main features of the game and help the new players to understand the basics as fast as possible. The game contains several classes to choose from and each one is coming with its own pros and cons.

It is our duty to let the readers understand the main differences and choose the right class, which suits their style of play.

On the next segment, we will talk with more details about the available classes and heroes.

Four Interesting Factions Are Available

  1. Humans are the first faction in the game. It contains the Rogues. Rogues are very smart and quick; their damage is lethal and could take out anyone, no matter how strong he is! With one shot.
  2. Elves are the second faction; they are light and can roam around without being detected. They are perfectly designed for the assassination jobs.
  3. Orcs are known for their solid defense and strong abilities that enables them to stand and live in a very hard condition. We would recommend you to play as an orc if you love to stand in the front lines.
  4. Dwarves are intelligent; they are tiny of course and funny. You can get easy money using their strong abilities of gold scavenging and trading powers.

No matter which faction you have picked, the World of Kings Hack should always present in your plans.



Smart Customization System

You can freely customize every smallest detail in your character. It will not cost you anything and of course, it can be changed later in the game.

We are speaking here about changing the hair color, skin color, hairstyle, eyes, and the mouth shape. The World of Kings Hack has nothing to do when it comes to customization, but it can help you look very solid, with the right metal gears.

Remember that you have to pick up a name for your character; it is advised to have a short and easily recognizable name.

A Shadow In The Light Of Dawn

The storyline and how it is represented to you will leave you impressed. You must understand that your sword is needed in the kingdom and a lot of effort and sacrifices has to be made in order to retrieve the peace back and demolish the evil threats.

  • Auto questing is not supported in the game, which will make it feel a little bit more dynamic than its competitors will.

Controls in the game are a little bit different, and you can learn more about this part on the next segment. However, for now, the World of Kings Hack should be activated, as it will save you a lot of time, if used correctly.

Upgrade Your Hero With World of Kings Cheats!

It will not take you a lot of time in order to get used to the controls of the game, we believe that only 5 minutes are enough, but that is only in the case you had a previous experience in similar games.

  • Moving around with the directional pad has never been any easier. Even riding a horse to move around faster did not add any complications to the movement mechanism.

On the bottom right side, you will notice the attacking skills section. You may train on the weaker monsters to get the full knowledge about this part, or simply test it in the real hard battles against bosses.

You will get experience points for each completed mission, so does the World of Kings cheats gets better as well.

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