You are not fighting zombies any more; you will side by the zombies and use them to fight your battles. You are going against the monsters the evilmonsters, and there is a very simple sequence to be followed and advance in the game so far.

The World Zombie Contest cheats will also help you with upgrading the zombies and make them fit enough to lead the battle scenes.

World Zombie Contest was created and published by “mobirix” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You will need an android version 4.0.3 to run the game, but that does not meant that the game would be smooth enough to enjoy all of its factors. Especially when the game is based on surviving and fighting zombies, every single second will matter when it comes to the combat system. In addition, with the World Zombie Contest hack, we do believe that you will be crossing the amateur’sborders in no time…

Touch TO Start!

It is not a heavy game, but it might take few seconds to get started at the first scene. Let us jump directory towards the storyline and talk more about the details at this World Zombie Contest guide.

You are the tragic mad scientist…you wanted to be the best villain in the world but things did not go as you have planned. Finally, you have invented the machine to pump out zombies, deadly machine!

Now it is the time to make the strongest zombie corps of the world!

Operate The Deadly Machine.

This is the first thing you will ever do in the game is to start learning how it works and use it for your own business and expansion.

If you combine the same creatures, it will convert to the next level of zombie. This could be done by dragging and dropping over each other and this will introduce a more powerful zombie to you.

As a part of the World Zombie Contest tips sequence we have decided to let you know that the zombie machine is having a maximum capacity and it is only a matter of time until it is refilled with zombies again.



Get The Zombies Together!

If you want to stop merging specific zombies with each other, then press on the zombie for a while until you can see a notification. In addition, if you want to unlock it again, then press again in the same way.

Zombies grow through your research and this is the most reliable method to see them becoming stronger and much better. Of course, the World Zombie Contesthack might help with covering all the researches cost, but that has nothing to do about me.

Upgrade And Enhance Your Zombies.

At the research lab, you will notice that every new zombie you have discovered recently will be added to this library. Upgrading the attacking powers for the zombies must become the next thing.

Spend without having to worry about running out of coins, we have covered this part previously and we have added many instructions on how it works from this moment and so on. Wait for a final report on the last segment.

Final Verdict.

Select the first stage at the first battle, and remember to you can select the zombies you want them to enter the battle by tapping over them.

It is a very long list and you are not facing in a great threat. Do not bother yourself with anything related to the zombies, as you must know how they act and work. Zombies will attack the nearest target automatically.

If you tap on the screen at any point, the zombies will start to spawn and work randomly. On the other side, you must know that you are having no control over the zombies, they will just move forward. You can only upgrade them with the World Zombie Contest cheats and that is it.

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