One of the most anticipated games in this year as it has managed to bring the brutal fierce side of the battle and still you will be falling into a dragon romance fantasy. Things are mixed up in this RPG but you will still be able to use Wrath of Dragon cheats and get over any obstacle for free.

Wrath of Dragon was created and published by “Game Cafe Services” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS devices totally for free.

How to Start the Journey?

Begin the journey by entering a nickname for your character. Please make sure it is in English or numbers, but no special characters are allowed at any cost. If you cannot think of any name at the current moment, then feel free to use the random name generation feature.

Make sure that your device is connected to a strong and stable connection to keep up with the latest updates and patched getting integrated to the game. Also since this is an online game so the internet connection is something that cannot be departed away from it.

There are tons of battles in the game and we will be working on covering them all in this ultimate Wrath of Dragon guide.



Choose from 5 Different Battle Modes.

The battles are split up into 5 types and each one is packing a very interesting combat system that will totally impress you out and make things look much better from one point of view if you ask me.

Let’s start with the Guild war system…. guilds system was added lately in the previous patch to help you to forge out a friendship with your friends and start making that thing that is called a guild.

In the guild you will have the right to fighter together side by side for the same cause, but now in the guild war mode. You are going to enter battles with your own guild mates against another whole guild. These are very interesting combats but you must be ready for everything that will be thrown right at you. Following our Wrath of Dragon tips might help out in this regard and ease out the battle.

Fight Alongside Your Brothers in The Raids!

Raid mode is a very interesting and long combat mode. It could take very long minutes until it is completed and in this mode you will stand up with several other players waiting for the bosses to appear and start killing them one by one as a whole team. You may upgrade your gears to be able to deal the highest damage through Wrath of Dragon cheats.



Siege War Mode.

In the siege war things are a little bit different. Fighting for a cause or we can say that you will be protecting your own base from the outside attacks and you have to destroy the opponent’s castle to be declared as a winter.

Maybe you can increase your shots with Wrath of Dragon hack but that is not totally guaranteed as the challenge is very difficult and packing the top tier players.

Small Lights coming to Bring Happiness to Your World.

The small lights from everywhere are coming together to light the world from the darkness. It must be here, indeed something does not feel alight. These were the first words before your first mission begins.

Move along by using the arrows on the left corner and once you face out any enemy, do not hesitate to unleash your wraith and activate the special skills on him. You can increase your output damage by purchasing new gears via help of Wrath of Dragon hack.

You can still evade the enemies’ attack and traps by evasion skills. The evasion button is located right next to the special attacking skills corner. Keep fighting and increase your overall level to unlock new features and become capable of fighting alongside the most talented players in the universe.

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