The main unique feature we have enjoyed about this game so far is the storyline path it is following. You are no longer entering just random fights and winning them for no reason. Right here, the seasons are split into episodes and there will be some action and dialogues going in between the superstars to increase the heat of challenge.

You will find some troubles with unlocking the strongest superstars in the game and purchase energy points as well. So you may get them for free by using the WWE Mayhem cheats service.

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WWE Mayhem was created and published by “Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd “company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

IOS version 8.0 or later are required to run the game. We can tell you that the game is coming packed up with a very strong graphics engine, so having a high-end device would be recommended to run it smoothly.

Several Features to Enjoy.

The game is packed up with tons of features and details, which is making it a very hard home for the starters. That is why we have created this WWE Mayhem guide for you. It will help you with understanding the most critical features and know how the main concept of the game is going.

So we will discuss the loot case system at the beginning to get rid of something very important. The loot cases are split into different types and categories. Each one will come with its own reward system and the better or rarest is the higher your reward chance will be.

You can get a loot case for opening the game daily every 24 hours. And this can be considered as a booster for you to keep yourself hooked up as well with the game. And by this way they can increase the player’s database numbers.

Some cases will be related to certain types of events. And these are the hardest cases over them all, as the others will require from you to collect some fragments to get it unlocked and this could be done easily through the WWE Mayhem cheats service. Learn more about it and how it works later on here.



How to Unlock The suitcases?

We have covered the types of cases and how to obtain them but we didn’t mention yet the main usage of them and why are they considered to be very important for the most people.

The starter cases will have a very low chance to get you a super star wrestler and this is the worst thing about it. On the other hand, you can always get yourself the rarest cases and start unlocking 6 stars’ fighters with the WWE Mayhem hack.

But everything related to the cases is depending on the luck. And we are beating the luck factor by repeating and opening tons of cases without worrying about the cost. This is the ideal way to get them strong wrestlers.

You can identify the wrestler power by many factors. The first thing is the star’s system that has been used to indicate the rarity level of the wrestler. The more stars the stronger it will be and you can also check the overall power in number shown right over every wrestler in the game. Try to go after the ones with higher numbers.

If you are enjoying our WWE Mayhem tips, then you can scroll down below and find more advanced tips to help you on the later stages.

Customize Your Starting Lineup.

Let’s not forget the 4 hours’ suit. It will become available every 4 hours and this is the lowest one of all the suit cases in the game, and we would advise you to skip it out as it will be waste of time since you will be using the WWE Mayhem hack.

And you may check the superstars section to see the ones you have managed to unlock so far. Their overall power will be shown right next to their icon. Right there you can filter the list from the newbies and unwanted stars.

Having way too many useless stars will only make you confused and fill up the remaining slots for you. Which will result in preventing you from obtaining new ones from the WWE Mayhem cheats.

Keeping your list neat and short is the ideal way to know which superstars you will be picking up in the next fights. And that is how we are playing the game as well, that is not something new.



Choose from Three Difficulties.

The main story is split into seasons and episodes. Each season will contain up to 3 different episodes. You may select the difficulty from three available choices. We will be listing them down:

  • Easy: the target rating is pretty much low and the reward is very low compared to the other available difficulties.
  • Medium: target rating is average, it is not that high or that low…the total fights is 4 at the season 2 and the energy per node will remain one. Rewards are also following the same path, it is average.
  • Hard: very high target rating, very high rewards but you will actually fail a lot to get it done. That is why we are recommending you to use WWE Mayhem cheats as your main surviving tool.

Once you are done with picking up the difficulty level for the episode, you may now start selecting the superstar to enter the battle on your behalf. You can select up to three different superstars and as you progress forward in the level.

Your team will see some upgrades by reaching level 20 and it will become consisting of 5 superstars. You will see your overall power compared with your opponent right before the battle begins. On the next segment we will cover the boosters part.

Purchase Boosters to Secure Yourself the Victory.

You can use the WWE Mayhem hack to be able to afford purchasing the boosters before every match. The boosters are divided into three parts, and they are only available for a single use in the battle time.

Heal: will revive your superstar and regenerate his lost health points from the attacks. Use it once you are about to die and everything is fading out.

Upgrade: enhance your skills powers and deal great damage with the regular hits. You should be considering this an option as well for a fast KO.

Boost: everything will be boosted, including your attacking skills and movement speed. You are simply turning into a hybrid fighter!

These are not the only thing you can do with the WWE Mayhem Hack. You can also upgrade your superstars by increasing the synergy between him and his teammates. Which will result in an increased cooperation on the battles and they will be doing some moves together at the same time.

A very high synergy level is the key to win the team matches. You must create this good atmosphere between the superstars to become unstoppable no matter what happens.

Purchasing the materials needed for your superstar once they become available is a very important move. Your superstar will remain at the same skill level no matter what happens. That is why you need to be purchasing the right materials to help him advance and improve.

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