We all grew up in love with the famous WWE show and our love to the show has been growing bigger and bigger as we have started to create our own heroes and get their photos and set them up as our wallpapers on smartphones maybe even on the walls of our room.

Right now, your chance has come to enjoy the authentic WWE game on your smart phone. Pick up your favorite super star from a list that is packing all types and numbers of WWE stars all over the history.

You can also create your own team and join up with your friends in the game and start competing on some higher scale and see some tournaments being won by your club or maybe even join an already created one.

These were the main features and we will speak more in depth about them down below, but right now the WWE Universe cheats is a must have service, enjoy unlimited tokens with an instant click!

WWE Universe was created and published by “Glue Games Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

We could not determine whether the game is consumingmany device powers or it is just a mid-range game. However, the only thing we have figured out is that using the WWE Universe hack is a must thing to do in order to achieve something in the game without having to pay real money into the game.

Welcome! Learn To Play!

Tap anywhere on the screen as soon as the battle begins, this will strike your opponent with a regular hit. There are more techniques and several countering techniques as well to be followed. We will try out best to cover them all in this WWE Universe guide.

The timing is playing a very critical part in this game, it is all about timing your punches and timing your counter punches.

Tapping twice in the green area will take him into suplex. In addition, this will deal much higher damage to him than the regular attacks. Win matches and build a top brand of your own.

These were the main basics of the gameplay, and we do believe that you can progress from now through the combat system on your own. We will be moving next towards some other feature in the game.

There are several chapters and stories to go through in the game. They have divided the gameplay content into several set of chapters and stories to be followed up in the next phase of the game.

The default mode at the begging will be the Raw, but you have a long way ahead of you to experience some other scenes and modes. Some little help of the WWE Universe cheats might boost up the performance, but that should not become what you relay on.



Establish Your Own Brand!

Play club events daily to win exclusive superstar tokens. You can find extra WWE Universe tips over here; just keep on reading and scrolling down.

There are several methods to establish a brand, but the fastest way is to get the WWE Universe hack ready and acquire and train your own WWE superstars and align them among the greatest players in all time.

Prepare yourself to receive challenges for your brand from time to time and adapt yourself to the difficulty levels. Do not let the other opponents fool you or start to scare you out…gather all your powers and the skills you have learn previously into the battle ring and show them what you are made of!

Ring Phase!

Before the battle begins, you can select the superstar that you believe will be fit for the challenge. Compare your superstar with the opponent’s in the stars and numbers as well.

Each superstar will be indicated in seven stars rating system and that is not everything. There is an overall number on the top of the superstar icon that will let you know what you are about to face in the challenge.

Each battle at the start will cost two energy points. You must be keen on getting more energy points to your account. The WWE Universe cheats have been tested and guaranteed for the energy supplies.

Associate your account with Email at the settings menu to play on multiple devices. This will secure your data files and simply the ability to retrieve all of this data back to the account at any moment you want.

I guess you are looking for a detailed explanation of the advanced attacking techniques and a guide to act o the battle ring when you are facing a much stronger opponent. That is going to become our main focal point in the next segment.



Consume Every Second On The Ring!

First, we have to remind the readers that the game is a turn-based game. Therefore, you have to snatch the best chances you can when the turn is yours.

Try to be more specific on your attacking types and always pick up the right moment to tap on the screen at the latest color. If you are slow and do not have  a previous set up plan in your head, then you will suffer a lot and see some struggles to keep going onward.

The sequence of the gameplay will keep on changing, but you have to deal as much as possible to your opponent and try to take his health points down to its lowest possible point and then try to win the match.

You can track down the opponent’s health points from the top right bar of the screen, but that is for the most basic battle mode. Some modes will see some miracle changes as the opponent can comeback right from the lowest grade to take you down and dominate the game once more.

Defeating a superstar will force him to join your brand, and snatch this opportunity to use the WWE Universe hack and make the brand much stronger!

Connect Your Social Life.

Connecting your social media accounts to the game will give you a complete freedom to invite your friends and they will join your own club. If you do not have enough friends, then you can search for a foreign club and join it.

Anyone will simply welcome you into their club, as you are a user of WWE Universe cheats. This will give you a huge advantage over the regular players.

Completing the warming phase will directly unlock one of the greatest game features, the Autplay! This will save you enormous time and will simply consume all your energy points without even having to wait for too long and sending the extras to the waste.

Check out the daily deals regularly to see what is new, there could be some great offers and you must snatch them out with the WWE Universe hack assistance. This is nothing unique or new to the game, but it is a very critical part of the gameplay in general.

All our reviews and content have been tested and written by the Real Gamers forum, Here is the main post for WWE Universe  Cheats, Hack, Guide and Tips.


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