Obtain The Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats To Get The Different Card Packs!

This is a card game, it was created and published by “KONAMI” the game was released on 22 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in prove your skills at playing cards and also make sure to get the help from the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats to add the different cards to your deck.

Accept The Challenge From Kaiba And Show Him How To Be A Real Player!

Seto Kaiba will challenge you and will say Mwahahha! Yugi! When I defeat you, you will call me the king of games! Let’s see if you have the cards to challenge me, and now Yugi will reply with Kaiba I cannot afford to lose, ok now it’s time to choose your initial character if you want to play with Yugi or Kaiba, let’s choose Yugi as an example, after choosing Yugi he will shout and say Kaiba I will defeat you, and Kaiba will reply with every duel I have fought has led up to this moment! I finally take down Yugi and regain my top dueling status! Now let the epic battle begin!


Start Your First Battle Versus Kaiba Your Lifetime Enemy!

Your ultimate goal is to reduce your opponents life points to zero to win the battle, now let’s begin with the first battle against Kaiba, he is going to start his moves with summoning a monster in attack position and then he will end his turn, now it’s going to be your turn, now draw the cards, you have drawn a monster card now try summoning this card by dragging the card into the battle field, keep in mind that you can only summon one monster per turn and finally make sure to read our Yu Gi Oh Duel Links guide to understand the game before you even start it..


The Different Spell And Trap Cards That Available In The Game!

There are a lot of spell and trap cards to be used in every battle and these cards are:

1-Shadow of Eyes: it’s a trap card and when a monster is set on your opponent’s side of the field, target 1 of those set monsters, change that set monster to face up attack position.

2-Thousands of Knives: it’s a spell card if you control dark magician target one monster your opponent control and destroy that target.

3- Metalmorph: it’s a trap card, target one face up monster on the field equit this card to that target, it gains 300 attack and defense, if it attacked the attacker is going to be destroyed and sent to graveyard.

And a lot of cards to use to trap your opponent, there are also a lot of cards that will increase your life points and reduce your opponent’s, with such amount of cards you will need to play the game more to get introduced to all the cards in the game, and finally make sure to read our Yu Gi Oh Duel Links tips to know what are the different weak points of each character that exists in the game.

Reduce Your Opponents Life Points To Zero In Order To Win!

The damage you inflict to your opponent’s life points is equal to the amount your monster’s attack exceeds your opponent’s monster’s attack, another thing you need to know about the level (number of stars on the card) of the monster card you have dawn is 5 or higher! To summon monsters that are 5 or higher, one or more monsters in the field have to be tribute or sent to the graveyard, and finally make sure to use the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links cheats to get unlimited amount of cards to use in each battle.


Obtain The Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Hack To Unlock New Cards!

In this game you can always start the campaign and play with the characters you like that the game provides you with, and also you can play against real players from all over the world, but to play against such players you will need to train hard and to prepare the strongest deck you have ever dreamed to play with, and using the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links hack will provide you with all the cards you want.


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