You are going to learn the basics of the life span of the fishes on the sea, but your koi is a little bit different and unique. So there will be unique and advanced techniques to be followed to get it things done. Ascend your koi into a dragon and earn dragon points!

Zen Koi 2 was created and published by “landshark Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform.

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Beginner’s Tutorial.

We have decided to create this Zen Koi 2 guide to help the new players to have a better understanding over the gameplay as a whole. Maybe things are a little bit blurry and weird for any player and that is normal for such types of games.

The game begins right in the middle of nowhere, where you can see your fish standing and waiting for your orders to hunt down the other fishes in the pool. Drag on the screen by your finger and the fish will start following your finger in whatever direction you like.

There are several techniques and perks to be aware of, but we will leave the perks section to a later on part. Right now, you must focus on chasing the younger and smaller fishes than you as it will help you on gaining up levels.

By leveling up, you will earn new ability point. Spending them wisely should be the main focus point on this whole idea. Also you will notice that your fish is gaining up in weight, which will result in slowing down your speed at some points, but will also have its own advantages. Learn more on the upcoming parts.



Choose from Three Main Attributes.

Spending your ability points must be done carefully, because it is not something you can purchase and you will also get them after a very hard work. So you must have a goal to chase and a target to achieve.

Following our list of Zen Koi 2 tips could be a very smart idea at some point. And now you need to know the main three attributes which are available for you to choose from.

-1 Agility: higher agility means your koi can make sharper turns, and also lunge at targets from further away.

-2 Speed: allows you to swim faster and improves your chances of catching the faster targets easily.

-3 Rarity: higher rarity rate will increase the chances that rare colors will be passed on to your offspring.

And now as you have read the three main attributes, it is time to choose one from the abilities we have just mentioned and clarified to you. Let’s get back to the gameplay now.

The preys you are catching are not totally going into waste of experience points. There is a holding pocket in your fish as you will get to make a good use out of them. And this has nothing to do with the Zen Koi 2 cheats still.

Feel free to send out invitations to your friends and create your own small challenge to the leading table board. This could be only done once you get the game connected to the Facebook.

Craft The Preys to Gems.

Catch preys, craft them into gems. Activate the symbol and expand the point. Enter the crafting menu from the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you manage to meet the requirements of the fish, then you may simply craft the gem successfully.

Gems are used in various ways. Mainly it is used to expand the pool you are swimming in. The expansion will allow you to have more chances to meet new species and higher challenges. And by the time you reach a new level of adultery, then use the Zen Koi 2 cheats to make the breeding process much easier and this will save you the time and effort at the same time.

Higher levels will also mean that you can start crafting new types of items and gems. You may start breeding and create your own fleet of fishes by your side.

And if you have ever seen a bigger fish than you, then running in weird directions should be your main target. As it will simply eat you and send you back to the start. You may use some boosters from Zen Koi 2 cheats, but that will not be the ideal solution for this situation.



Use Essences to Decorate Your Koi.

Do not ever forget to enter the points section and use them as soon as you gain a new level. Focus mainly on the speed because this is going to become your strongest surviving tool in this big ocean.

Now, with the breeding section and how it works. Meeting up the requirements to finally land the first egg is going to require a lot of hard work from your side. And once you are set up then meet up with the same symbol on the ocean and make sure that your fish enters the location.

There will be rewards for your koi after it ascends for the first time. And you be moving into a new dimension where you are supposed to collect essences. These essences are mainly used to buy decorations. And you may also use the Zen Koi 2 hack as an alternative to the essence when it comes to purchasing.

The decorations we are speaking about will result in sending your koi to the starting point at level one. And each one will have its own path to take to become successful.

How to Feed?

Another technique to be followed at chasing down the fishes is by tapping over the fish and your KOI will keep chasing down without giving it a single chance. But that requires from you to have some sort of speed and skills to be able to catch them fast fishes. So it is always wise to focus on the slow ones or get boosters through Zen Koi 2 hack.

The same process of the gameplay is being done repeatedly on the different types of fishes in the game. So we are recommending you to get the Zen Koi 2 hack ready and focus mainly on a single fish that can start seeing new borders.

Game will start getting easier as the time passes by and we believe that this could be a very smart way to talk mainly about the in game options menu and how to customize it to make it feel like home.

There are plenty of options to customize depending on your main mode. You may disable or enable the sounds and music and of course connecting your social media accounts is an available option and totally optional.

If you feel like things are getting weird then clear the entire game cache, and do not worry as you will not lose anything you have received through the Zen Koi 2 hack at all. This is a totally trusted method to get things back into track.

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