After a weird attack happened on the planet earth, a very strong virus started to spread about all over the world until it took over every single life on the planet, but the only survivors of the human being that will keep the humanity from extinction are staying at a school trapped inside, and you will be their commander chef!

Prepare yourself to lead them out in an amazing zombie fighting survival battle by stopping the incoming waves of zombies, also you can start using the Zgirls cheats for free to get enough amount of resources which can be used later to upgrade your school girl’s powers and many other staff which can be used as a blocker for the zombie attack.

This game was created by “XingTech Network” and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS devices.

Game Story.

The first scene at the game is your school surrounded by barricades and there are zombie waves incoming at you, meanwhile you are sleeping and the school girls are talking about you and they are doubting your commanding skills so now wake up and take the control of the school defensive system and start training more troops to be able to hold off the incoming attacks, and later on this guide we will be covering every building and its usage for your war against the zombies, all the information you looking for can be found at the Zgirls guide.

The Usage of Buildings at The Game.

We shall be talking about the different kinds of buildings that you will be using at the different stages of the game and now let’s start with the first building that you are going to use at the starting scenes of the game which is Military office, and this is going to be your main source of training and producing well trained troops into your small army to defend the school from the zombie attacks.

Keep in mind that every building you will be constructing will require a certain amount of resources from you, so in order to be able to afford such an operation start using Zgirls cheats and watch your dreams coming to reality with a simple click.

Enjoy Upgrading Your School Via Zgirls Hack for Free.

The upgrades at this game are split into among many sections not only the buildings part, you can start easily upgrading the buildings at your school to increase the quality of products they are getting to you, also keep in mind that training troops to enter your army and start protecting the school will not happen instantly, it takes time until the troops are fully ready and prepared to enter their first battle, also they will cost you resources, but about this part you shall not worry much because the Zgirls hack will be covering all the cost of each upgrade or improvement you are applying at the school.

Double Accessing to The Game.

the game contains tons of amazing features which you will be finding enjoyable but the latest addition to the game is the ability of accessing all your progression from another device by using the Facebook login option, this means that 2 players can play on the same account and progress out alongside your own progression.


Raise The National Flag and Gather All the Survivors.

Once the battle starts prepare yourself with several plans to keep in mind, because sometimes things doesn’t go exactly as you have planned in the first place, but right here in this article you shall be adding extra Girls tips to your knowledge which would simply allow you to start knowing what exactly you are supposed to do and what to avoid!

During your combat with zombies you might eventually find some human survivors running at the ground, so you should be raising your national flag so they could recognize you and join your ally. Since you are in need to every human soul to be added to your army.


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