Get A lot of Cash from Using the Zombie Gunship Survival Cheats.

This is an action game, it was created and published by “flaregames Gmbh” the game was released on 22 May, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and start your ultimate mission and it’s about defending and clearing the earth from the massive virus that attacked humans and turned them into some killing deadly people, lead your crew and start invading their bases and shoot them to death, until the world can discover a new medicine to cure them, until that you will need to protect all the people around the world, protect families and the kids, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Zombie Gunship Survival cheats that will provide you with a lot of cash to be able to upgrade your gunship and upgrade the stats of your guns and teammates.

Discover What Happened on That Strange Cruise That is Not Responding.

We have a cruise ship closing in fast on the San Francisco bay and they are not responding to hails, homeland security is requesting assistance, and we have sent a team to interrupt, requesting over watch on our team from your gunship.

Now the team has arrived and you are going to do all of your best to defend the city and to take down the ship that is not responding, now it’s time to learn how to play the game from reading our Zombie Gunship Survival tips we are going to mention in this title.

The first lesson is going to be how to use the different angels of the camera to be able to look around and to watch out if there is any possible attack from behind, so drag screen to center camera over ground troops.

And now you have got a call and it says that there no response from the lifeboats and they are all gone, so they have no visible contacts, and that means you will be on your own from now on, so make sure always get the help from using the Zombie Gunship Survival cheats to be provided with a lot of cash that will easily boost your performance in the next missions of the game.



A Sudden Accident That Will Ruin the Earth’s Life.

Are you seeing this? The ship has visible damage, we have detected some activity, and there is a possible contact existing from the below deck, and suddenly a walking person will appear and you are going to ask him to stop right there and to get down on the ground! You and your teammate has shouted several times to that man to get on the ground but there were no response, they you both attacked him until he died, but your teammate is down, and you will call the helicopter and say that there is hostiles there and you are going to stop it.

So make sure to read our Zombie Gunship Survival guide to learn more about the story line of the game and to see how you are going to stop this massive attack on earth that the earth is about to witness.

Those walkers has invaded the ship and your teammate will die there, so he will ask you to run for your life, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Zombie Gunship Survival hack that will provide you with a lot of packs.

Use the Helicopter to Help Your Teammate From Getting Bitten.

The ship is full of walking dead people that are trying to eat you, and the support team is trying its best to kill them all with the helicopter, wipe them with all their guns to clear the ship from those dead people.

The captain got bitten and the support is authorized to sank the ship with all its zombies and the captain, so they cannot reach any other city and kill its people, so you are recommended to engage with your hellfire missiles, now fire a missile to sink the ship.

The ship isn’t stopping, it’s going to hit the piers, we are dispatching ground forces and emergency personnel.

The ship has hit the harbor, and all its zombies are landing on it, a massive invasion is going to happen now to the earth and you will need to exert all of your efforts to stop it from invading all the world, and finally make sure to always get an extra support from using the Zombie Gunship Survival cheats that will provide you with almost everything you are going to need through the different missions.



An Important Meeting Will be Held in San Francisco to Find a Solution.

This just in, the national guard and the US army have been called in to San Francisco today.

This is in the aftermath of the crash of a cruise ship this morning containing people infected with an unknown virus, its believed to be highly contagious and authorities are advising to keep people out of the area, we will be keeping you updated as we learn more.

Over the next six months the virus spread, you and your gunship crew survived, while the world fell into chaos around you.

Other heavily armed squads turned against each other, the best defense against the anarchy was the sky, but today you may have found the airfield you have been searching for, a new home!

There you go, your first mission is about to begin now, and if you can clear this area of zombies it can be a good airbase for us, now your troops has landed on the ground and you are going to help them from your helicopter, so the first thing to do is to destroy the barriers because it slows down your troops.

Your troops will also try to destroy the barriers but your gunship is faster than them so do your best shooting and destroying them.

Unlock New Weapons by Obtaining the Zombie Gunship Survival Hack.

In this game you will be able to start the expansion of your base, you are going to clear an area to start doing so, in this base you will get attacked from a lot of zombies and you will need to defend it from them.

In there you can always upgrade your weapons and unlock new ones from them, so if you cannot unlock the different weapons of the game, if you cannot protect the base from the zombies attacks, if you cannot clear the earth from that virus, using the Zombie Gunship Survival hack will always provide you with a countless amount of cash that will help you to progress easier in the game.

So finally the fate of humanity is under your hands, so make sure to do your best to stop it from getting wiped.



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